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Now I Know Why Amy Winehouse Kept Saying “No, No, No”

Now I Know Why Amy Winehouse Kept Saying “No, No, No”

There's a brief turning point in Amy, the stirring new Amy Winehouse ... her into rehab this time she couldn't say, No, no, no to wean her off booze long ... In painful footage, we see her barely lucid, refusing to sing, and.... 'What have we learned from the death of Amy Winehouse? ... only thing to learn from Winehouse's far-too-early death: celebrities die and many ... such detailed knowledge of Winehouse's alleged final drug purchase, say, or how ... Her Go To Rehab, She Said No No No" was as predictable as it was stupid.. In this interview from 2006, Amy Winehouse talks about her new ... "I said no, no, no"), you'll be hooked. ... "It was my first album and I didn't know what I was doing so I was ... "I keep saying to my boyfriend that he can take it.. In the words of Amy Winehouse, No, no, no. ... Most people don't know it, but once upon a time I did have a bigshot Hollywood agent ... My other original script was the story of group of guys in a carpool2 who keep getting victimized by people on the road. ... He'd ring me up and say Lloydie, this one's gonna be big!. "Rehab" is a song written and performed by English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, ... I say that Amy didn't need to go to rehab, right? ... Winehouse's current single at the time, "You Know I'm No Good", entered one spot ... "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille (Daryl Dragon, Toni Tennille) (1976).... Singer Amy Winehouse found dead in her London home ... Winehouse was booed and jeered during a concert in Serbia's capital ... I said 'No, no no.' ... area, a youth-culture mecca known for its music scene, its pubs and the ... the background to death and saying of pop princess Kylie Minogue, she's.... This singer has a great voice and a horrible personality. The lyrics of ... Description ... They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no' Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know know know ... so I always keep a bottle near' He said 'I.... Amy Winehouse's death, a month after fans in Belgrade booed her from a ... "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said 'No, no, no,' " she sang. ... People magazine quoted a source close to the singer saying her father urged her to seek the treatment to keep excessive ... Winehouse, drugs and addiction.. Now I Know Why Amy Winehouse Kept Saying No, No, No. It seemed interesting that Cumulus Radio in Atlanta (Rock 100.5, 99X, Q100, and 680 The Fan).... Amy Winehouse, the British pop diva who flaunted her reckless drug use, dies at 27. ... It sounds like such a wank thing to say, Ms. Winehouse once commented ... its defiant lyrics: They tried to make me go to rehab / I said no, no, no. ... aesthetic reflected in the songs Rehab and You Know I'm No Good.. When Amy Winehouse finally appeared on Sunday night's 50th Annual Grammy ... band through a medley of the hits You Know I'm No Good and Rehab. ... Winehouse sang with brassiness and style, dragging her phrases behind ... no, no, no) to Addicteda pothead's rantto Back to Black, in which.... Lauren turns the camera to herself and says HERE'S ME. IT'S MY ... Juliette says WE BOTH KNEW WE WANTED ... Written by Amy Winehouse and Salaam Remy." ... NOTEBOOK AND JUST KEEP WRITING. ... I SAID NO NO NO (music plays). Amy Winehouse. The song that put Amy Winehouse on the map. ... They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said, "No, no, no" Yes, I've been black, but when I come back, you'll know, know, know I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine He's tried to ... So I always keep a bottle near [Pre-Chorus 2]. Remembering Amy Winehouse through some of her most powerful lyrics. ... brilliantly expresses the way it feels to say "goodbye" to someone on the ... I said, no, no, no/ Yes, I been black/ But when I come back, you'll know, know, know" ... the intense yearning and suffering that Amy feels as she tries to keep.... Though Amy Winehouse drank herself to death, the alcohol was not her ... Stanton Peele This is important to know because the documentary ... So I always keep a bottle near. ... They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, 'No, no, no. ... kinds of drugs, saying she'd as soon die with him as live without him.. process, and Amy Winehouse, whose music served as the inspiration for this ... original musical score, but instead infuses existing well-known music into a show. ... Sophie Heawood, a featured writer for The Times of London is quoted saying ... who also happened to be the post master, bar keep, blacksmith and podiatrist,.... Keep me logged in ... Amy Winehouse said no when I asked her to go to rehab the song she wrote ... He told me to look at her and see that she didn't need rehab. ... Instead, the lyric "I said no, no, no" becomes a quirky line that doesn't really ... It felt like she was saying: My dad and I think you're an idiot... Amy Winehouse may have considered herself less of a star and more ... Everybody was so hard on her, and everything that I knew about her ... It was as if the tattoo of Blake's name across her chest was there to keep her heart in place. ... "Disappointed Dubai fans say no, no, no to rehab singer," wrote Time.... Or the one who shrugged off rehab chanting "no, no, no. ... And we all enjoyed that girl's downfall, he says, because we never knew who she was in the beginning. Kapadia takes us on a two-hour deep-dive into Winehouse's life, starting at ... Amy, says the Guardian, is "an overwhelming story, and despite.... When Amy Winehouse, the British musician who sang memorably ... "It was all lined up for her to go [to rehab], and who knows what would've happened. ... He's saying [that] in his interview and we did more than one ... WINEHOUSE: (Singing) They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no. Yes...


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